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What are the the processes in requesting for METER CHANGE/REPLACEMENT?


A.Inside a private property


  1. The affected consumer must submit a letter request addressed to the General Manager.
  2. The letter will then be endorsed to the Plans and Designs Services Division (PDSD) of the Engineering Services Department (ESD).
  3. The PDSD will conduct inspection/line survey.
  4. If request for relocation was found to be reasonable, the PDSD will prepare the corresponding documentation to be forwarded to the Operations and Maintenance Services Division (OMSD) for Main Office coverage areas or to Area Office concerned for implementation.
  5. The expenses will be shouldered by the Coop. Implementation will depend on the availability of materials. To facilitate the relocation, the affected party may advance payment of materials to be reimbursed later on by the Coop.

B.Affected by Road Widening


  1. The concerned agency must submit letter request addressed to the General Manager. Attached to the said letter are the plans and designs of the road widening project.
  2. The letter, including the attachments, will then be endorsed to the Plans and Designs Services Division (PDSD) of the Engineering Services Department (ESD).
  3. The PDSD will conduct inspection/line survey.
  4. The PDSD will schedule a coordination meeting with the concerned agency to present the result of the inspection/line survey and to discuss the expenses as well as the implementation of the project. The expenses will be shouldered by the requesting party.



  1. The applicant must secure and submit the following documentary requirements:

1.1 Electrical Permit with location sketch (original copy)
1.2 Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (original copy)
1.3 Properly filled-up and signed Membership Application Form and Service Contract (four copies/duly notarized)
1.4 Four pcs. 2×2 ID picture (member and spouse)
1.5 Three nearest neighbors’ electrical bill receipt (photocopy)
1.6  Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card or any proof showing TIN (photocopy)
1.7  Valid ID with picture, signature and address (photocopy)
1.8 Community Tax Certificate (CTC)

  1. The applicant must accomplish a KWH pull-out request at the Membership Development and Services Department (MDSD) for Main Office coverage areas or to the Area office concerned to be forwarded to the Operations and Maintenance Services Division (OMSD).
  2. The OMSD or the Area Office concerned will issue a pull-out certificate to the applicant after KWH Meter of the latter has been
  3. The Power Use Engineer/TSD Engineer will conduct inspection.
  4. The applicant will then pay the following fees:

4.1           Inspection Fee* – 100.00 (minimum)
4.2           Calibration – 50.00
4.3           Bill Deposit* – 500.00 (minimum)
4.4           Grounding Assembly – 1,020.09
4.5           Meter Seal – 62.50
4.6           Documentation Fee – 100.00
4.7           Service Fee – 100.00
4.8           Compression Connector – UB214 – 241.08
4.9           Compression Connector – YHO150 – 285.00


* – Depends on the number of outlets

  1. The inspection report from the Power Use Engineer together with the Official Receipt of the paid Coop dues shall then be submitted to the Engineering Services Department (ESD) for implementation. (For Area Offices, it is the Technical Services Division that implements.)
How can I CHANGE THE NAME in my Official Electric Receipt?


  1. To establish a uniform guideline on the conditions required, documents to be submitted, coop fees and processes for the present member-consumer and/or applicant requesting for the change of name.
  2. To substantiate the legal personality of the applicant and/or requesting party for the change of name.
  3. To bring up to date records of legitimate members of the Cooperative who are indispensable during coop activities.


Account Name – registered name of a member-consumer applied for which the bill is addressed to and which is contained in the Membership Application and Service Contract.
Member – refers to the member-consumer whether regular (natural person) and associate (member-institution) whose membership is approved by the Board and with electric service connection with PANELCO III.


  1. In case any member-consumer and/or applicant or the requesting party request for the change of name with the Cooperative, he/she shall meet the following conditions:
  2. Fill-up application form “REQUEST FOR CHANGE NAME” which will be provided by the office.
  3. Prospective applicant must be of legal age at the time of filing for the change of name and with the capacity to enter into contract.
  4. Full payment of electric bill accounts or clearance of outstanding accounts of the former /registered member-consumer.
  5. Transferee member shall attend a scheduled (one session) Pre-Membership Seminar (PMS) held every Friday from 8:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M. or as the schedule arises in Main Office or in any Area Offices nearest their location.
  1. The applicant or the requesting party shall pay the corresponding coop fees:

1. Documentation Fee – P100.00 plus 12% VAT
2. Inspection Fee  – P100.00 plus 12% VAT
(For site inspection & validation of the request)                

  1. The member and/or applicant or the requesting party shall submit documents, such as:

1. Properly filled-up, signed and duly notarized Membership Application and Service Contract;
2. Four (4) pcs. recent 2×2 ID picture with white background (applicant & spouse);

What are the requirement for WITHDRAWAL OF MEMBERSHIP?

II. OBJECTIVE: To set uniform terms and conditions on membership withdrawal.

III. OPERATINGGUIDELINES: A member or a member-consumer may withdraw his membership upon compliance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. For member only – submit a written application of withdrawal of Membership stating the reason thereof.
  2. For member-consumer only – submit a written application of withdrawal of Membership stating the reason thereof and file a request for change of name to the Membership Services Division in compliance with the corresponding requirements set forth for this purpose.
  3. A member-consumer must be cleared of his accounts prior to the processing of his application for Withdrawal of Membership.
  4. Upon withdrawal of Membership, the member shall surrender his Membership Certificate, Patronage Credit Certificate, Pledge Share Cap Certificate and ID to PANELCO III.
  5. Withdrawal of Membership shall be confirmed by a Board Resolution to be furnished to all concerned which serves as formal notice to this effect.
  6. Withdrawal of membership shall be in full effect if the Cooperative has repaid to the member the amount of membership fee paid by him (Art. 1, Sec. 8-d, PANELCO III By-Laws).
  7. Withdrawal of Membership shall automatically mean disentitlement of the rights and privileges of a member-consumer, to wit:

7.a he cannot vote for a Director of the Coop Board
7.b he cannot hold an elective/appointive position within the Cooperative
7.c he need not be informed of the Cooperative affair
7.d he cannot examine the Cooperative’s Book of Accounts
7.e he cannot bring charges against officer or employees of the Cooperative
7.f he cannot avail electric service connection and other services

V. EFFECTIVITY: Upon approval.
VI. DATE APPROVED: January 22, 2003

What is a SENIOR CITIZEN'S DISCOUNT on Electricity Comsumption?
Good news to our Senior Citizens!

PANELCO III is now implementing the Senior Citizens Discount on Electricity Consumption as mandated by R.A. 9994, otherwise known as “An Act Granting Additional Benefits and Privileges to Senior Citizens”, subject to the Implementing Rules & Regulations issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

In view thereof, any Filipino citizen, a resident of the Philippines, 60 years old & above and duly registered as PANELCO III member-consumers should apply for the discount. In order to avail the said discount, the following conditions must be observed:

1. The monthly residential consumption must not exceed one hundred (100) kWh of electricity. Residential senior citizen customers whose consumption shall exceed the 100kWh limit during any month are not entitled to the senior citizen discount during the month when they exceeded the said limit.

2. The kilowatt-hour meter of the residing senior citizen must have been registered in his/her name for a period of not less than one (1) year.

3. The grant of senior citizen discount shall apply per household regardless of the number of senior citizens residing therein.

4. The residential senior citizen customers with multiple accounts registered in one name, said customer can only avail of the senior citizen discount for the place where he/she actually resides.

5. The senior citizen should apply for the discount personally or through an authorized representative and must submit the following documentary requirements:

For Residential Senior Citizen:
a. Proof of age and citizenship
• Birth certificate or any proof of birth; or
• Valid senior citizen’s ID card issued by Office of Senior Citizen’s Affair (OSCA) in the city or municipality where the elderly resides; or
• Philippine passport or any Government ID card showing proof of age and citizenship, i.e. Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, SSS/GSIS, PRC Card, Postal ID

b. Proof of residence
• Barangay certificate; or
• Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons duly notarized and has known the senior citizen for not less than one (1) year

c. Proof of billing
• Copy of electric bill in the name of the senior citizen

d. Proof of authority (if through a representative)
• Valid identification card of the representative; and
• Authorization letter duly signed or thumb-marked by the senior citizen/end-user which shall be valid only for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance

e. Additional Requirement
• Joint undertaking of the owner and the tenant/lessee;
• Other service connection/s within PANELCO III coverage area
• Tax Identification Number (TIN)
• Four (4) pieces 2” x 2” current photo with white background

For Senior Citizens’ Center and Residential Care Facilities/Institutions or Group Homes:
a. Photocopy of the approved DSWD accreditation; and
b. Barangay certification that said Senior Citizen’s Center and Residential Care Facilities/Institution must have been in operation for at least six (6) months and the number of clients served; and
c. Proof of billing (copy of electric bill in the name of SCC and RCF/I or GH)

What is the basis of SHARE CAPITAL?
Electric Cooperatives were originally non-stock-non-profit under P.D. 269, but R.A. 6938 or “The Cooperative Code of the Philippines” provided the Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Registration of Electric Cooperatives. Article 3 of the said Code provides that “… the members of the Cooperative should make equitable contributions to the capital required and accept a fair share of the risks and benefits of its undertakings in accordance with the universally accepted cooperative principles”.

The Electric Cooperatives then were branded by the Congress as pseudo-coops because the members do not have actual share of investment in the Cooperative.

Further, Article 14(5) of the same Code states that “no Cooperative shall be registered unless the articles are accompanied by the bonds of accountable officers and the sworn statement of the treasurer elected by the subscribers showing at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the authorized share capital has been subscribed and that at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the total subscription has been paid”.

In view of the conflicting provisions raised by the Electric Cooperatives between the CDA and National Electrification Administration (NEA), the then Executive Secretary Ruben Torres enjoined CDA and NEA to come up with a joint circular extending the conversion of Electric Cooperatives for a period of not less than three (3) years from 4 May 1997 to 4 May 2000.

To comply with the conversion requirements of CDA by virtue of R.A. 6939, the PANELCO III Board of Directors passed and approved BOD Resolution No. 601-S-1994 dated 5 March 1994 and another resolution dated 8 November 1997 converting PANELCO III from non-stock to stock cooperative. The conversion plan was ratified by the general membership during the annual General Membership Meeting held on 22 November 1997 in La Paz, Umingan. The minimum contribution per member then amounts to PhP800.00.

Considering that not all members can afford to pay their share capital in one time, the Management recommended for the staggered/installment payment of PhP20.00 per month of each member for forty (40) months until the minimum Pledge Paid-up Share Capital of PhP800.00 shall have been fully paid pursuant to BOD Resolution No. 901 dated 19 April 1996. This was integrated in the monthly Official Electric Bill receipt (OEBR) of each member-consumer effective in billing period of May 1996.

A total of 4,780 member-consumers have received their certificates as evidence that they are now co-owners of PANELCO III. PANELCO III has also distributed the patronage credit out from the margin realized during the operation years 1994-1999 pursuant to BOD Resolution No. 1257-s-1999 and ratified by the general assembly on 09 January 1999 in a General Assembly Meeting held in Natividad, Pangasinan through Resolution No. AGMM 14-1-S-1999.

In the special meeting of the Board of Directors on 11 September 1999, the Board recommended that the retained earnings from the proceeds of the loans of PANELCO III be divided into patronage equity share of each member-consumer, making the member-consumers real owners of PANELCO III. This scheme was approved by the general membership in a meeting held in San Nicolas, Pangasinan on 11 September 1999 under Resolution No. AGMM 15-1-s-1999.

February 2007 billing was the start of collecting additional PhP400.00 to the original share cap subscription of PhP800.00 per member-consumer, although it is still to be paid on a staggered basis (PhP20.00 per month until fully paid). The increase in the minimum share capital per member-consumer-owner was in view of the growing assets of the Coop; hence, the appreciation of Authorized Capital Stock and the Capital Stock to be Subscribed.

The Share Capital paid by the member-consumer-owners remains to the Coop until the latter decide to withdraw membership (Please refer to page __for the guidelines). In that case, the entire amount paid, including its interest from the start of payment, shall be returned to them after the grounds for withdrawing have been verified and approved by the Board of Directors.

The computation of Share Contribution per member-consumer based on the 2005 Audited Financial Statements was as follows:

Total Assets = 1,044,255,041
Authorized Capital Stock:
1,044,255,041 x 50% = 522,127,521
Capital Stock to be Subscribed:
(522,127,521 x 25%) = 130,531,880
No. of Consumers = 115,447
Share Per Consumer:
(130,531,880/115,447) = 1,131
Rounded to = P1,200

The member-consumer shall subscribe a minimum of Twelve (12) shares at par value of P100.00 per share. Hence, the amount of subscribed Share Capital per consumer is P1,200.00.

The Board, during its Regular Board Meeting on 08 November 2007, approved the distribution of interest income out from the accumulated interest earned on the Share capital of member-consumers per Board Resolution No. 218-s-11-2007. The cut-off date was December 2005 and the initial amount that has been distributed was PhP20Million. The corresponding share of each member-consumer from the earned interest was recommended to be automatically deducted from their billing statement effective October 2011.

How to claim Share Capital Certificate?

Malugod po naming ipinababatid sa lahat ng mga kwalipikadong kasapi-konsumidores na maari na pong makuha ang kopya ng inyong “SHARE CAPITAL CERTIFICATE” bilang katunayan ng inyong pagkakabayad ng kabuuang kontribusyon sa halagang Php 1,200.00, bilang kabahagi ng Kooperatiba.
Magtungo po lamang sa Tanggapan ng PANELCO III sa Institutional Services Department (ISD), PANELCO III Main Office, Nancayasan, Urdaneta City.
Sa pagkuha ng inyong sertipiko, dalhin po lamang ang mga sumusunod:
1.    Para sa mismong kasapi-konsumidores
–         1 Valid Id
–         Pinakahuling resibo ng kuryente o liham na inyong natanggap
2.    Para sa Awtorisadong Kinatawan
–          Letter of Authorization na pirmado ng kasapi-konsumidores
–          1 Valid ID ng kasapi-konsumidores
–          1 Valid ID ng Awtorisadong Kinatawan
Para sa mga kasapi-konsumidores na wala pong pangalan sa listahan, mangyari po lamang na makipag-ugnayan sa tanggapan ng ISD, PANELCO III Main Office. Amin pong ipinaaalala na sa inyong pagbisita ay dalhin po ninyo ang katibayan na kayo ay nakakompleto na ng inyong kontribusyon para po sa pagproseso ng inyong sertipikasyon.
Para sa inyong kabatiran at gabay. Maraming salamat po!

What is R.A. 7832(Materials Pilferage Act)?